When I grow up…

Luis Abarca
3 min readNov 27, 2020

Everyone dream with be or do something important when we grow up, some people wants to help the people and they become to be a doctors, policemen or fireman, others wants to teach other people and they want to be a teacher, other people dreams to be a president of the nation and others with be a soccer player.

In my case, I can remember when someone in my family or my teachers asked me ¿What do you want to do when you grow up? I answered I wanted to be a vet, and you can ask me ¿Why?, well when I was a child I really like animals, my family had some dogs time later had a horse and a cow, so I told them I wanted to help and take care the animals.

If you ask me what jobs were available to do years later, I don’t have idea, because I don’t thought in that. But I believe one of the can be a teacher, a doctor even a Pilot but I’m not sure. The only thing I was sure its I really wanted to be a vet.

Now I think it was not a bad idea, but when I start growing my perspective was changing and other things called my attention and currently, I’m not a vet, I’m studying Business management.

And now if you ask me ¿If I will have the chance to change my career would I do it? I can answer no, even though this was not my childhood dream, because I love my career and I know it’s a big change but now I wouldn’t watch me like a vet. But this change it doesn’t mean I can’t accomplish my child vision for help the animals, because thanks to my career I can do different things to help the animals, I can do it but not directly whit their health. For example, creating a refuge or a place where we can protect, feed, help and take care of them.

Also I cannot just help the animals, I can help people because with this profession we can create jobs to give people opportunities to grow, excel and overcome, or we can create solutions for their needs, I think these is the reason I choosen this profession and it’s these how can I accomplish my dream.



Luis Abarca

I'm from Costa Rica, I'm fun, sociable and business administration student